Wholesale Pack only - Negative Ions Charge Cards

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Wholesale Pack only - Negative Ions Charge Cards

  • Pack of 10
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  • Pack of 20
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  • Pack of 50
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  • Pack of 100
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This Negative Ions Charge card can help us to get rid our body from the harmful radiations that are surrounding us every day. It can also help to protect from EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) which can be found in so many communication devices like Radio, TV, Mobile Phone and many other which are continuously sending and receiving signals on different frequencies. Normally human eye is not able to see these waves but as science has proved that there are some side effects on our body. We can feel tired, headache, pain in eye ball or feel uncomfortable. By simply keeping this Charge Card near your body it helps to enhance the body's bio-electric field and promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. The easiest way to use this charge card is simply keeping it in your wallet or handbag, that way it will be close to you wherever you go.

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