Nano Flask

Nano Flask:

Nano Flasks are stainless steel flasks improved with Scalar Energy. R & D studies demonstrates that vitality from the Energy Nano Flask is equipped for rebuilding water particles into more modest bunches. The more modest bunches of water upgrade the bio-accessibility of water in the body along these lines advancing the different physiological capacities in the body complex.

The water Alkalizing Energy Cups contains a channel that has a pearl calcium particle and vitality stone that discharges far infrared beams and negative particles discharging quite required mineral components into water  changing conventional water into sanitized nanometer actuated water. This will make drinking water antacid and will help in keeping adjust in your body including upgrading in susceptibility, enhancing organ well-being and digestion system. The Bioexcel Nano Water Can incorporates a convenient convey case so you can bring it with you!

Bioexcel Nano Energy Cup is made of stainless steel and comes with a filter containing up to 13 minerals including Tourmaline, Zeolite and Maifanshi stones. It measures 20cm stature x 7cm distance across.

You have the choice to pick the shade - Red, Blue, Black, and Silver. It is perfect for its size and its capacity to store water making it a handy and simple to transport on the grounds that the space they involve would be little and light weight.

Prescribed for the individuals who like to set out for some outdoors and survival exercises!!! Propose to all undertakings!!! Survival is an item that cannot miss in your rucksack. On the off chance that utilized it ought to be known how and under what conditions it is fitting to channel the water you have to drink or utilization.

This item accompanies Bioexcel Authentication card so you can enroll it online to demonstrate the genuineness of the honest to goodness item coordinate from the right merchant.

Nano Energy Flask comes with Nano Water Filter which effectively last up to 6 months on day by day separating of 1 Liter water.

Properties of Energized Water

Water energized by the Nano energy cup conveys unpretentious vitality vibrations that improve the body’s bio field. This is crucial for ones wellbeing and health. This sort of water has more modest water groups and this makes water more bio-accessible. Henceforth the ingestion of supplements and detoxification at the most fundamental level is encouraged and empowers water to convey its horde of capacities viably.


Medical Advantages

  • Expand vitality
  • Advance unclamping of cells
  • Improve dissemination
  • Improve safe and endocrine frameworks
  • Annihilate infections and microorganisms
  • Improve the cell sustenance and detoxification
  • Improve cell porousness
  • Decrease irritation
  • Secure the DNA from harm
  • Impede the maturing procedure
  • Fortify the body's biofield counteracting electro-attractive waves from influencing one's wellbeing