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Water Ionizer & Energy Products

Hcgoods offer various Water Ionizer related product for its customers that includes accessories as well. Our well know and best buy products starting from Bioexcel Biodisc, quantum silicone energy mat, quantum lava mat, portable water ionizer hydrogen stick to water filtration plants speak volume for its effectiveness and bringing health change to our lives.

Our range of water ionizing products brings about a health change to our life styles as it increase the PH level of water making it more alkaline and soluble for our body.

Our home water ionizer channels and hydrogen sticks conditions water utilizing electrolysis. At the point when being used, the framework produces ionized or electrically charged water that has distinctive synthetic properties than the first faucet water. Taking sifted faucet water in, the framework yields both soluble or lessened (water with concentrated OH- particles); and acidic or oxidized (water with concentrated H+ particles) through partitioned fumes ports. The water delivered gives numerous medical advantages to creatures and human when expended and that has numerous other gainful family unit employments. A home water ionizer additionally secures your wellbeing by likewise separating your drinking water. It guarantees that the water you drink and cook with is appropriately molded, clean and solid.

Our best-selling energy product namely Biodisc performs the same way. Bio Disk has been assessed by different establishments and is known to lessen water surface pressure esteem. This thus makes water more hydration, accordingly enhancing the similarity of water atoms with the body's cells. Water treated with the Bioexcel Bio Disk likewise creates excellent and flawlessly formed water precious stones, a sign of water with high vitality levels and great quality. Different test outcomes likewise uncover that Bio Disk can expand the vitality and concordance levels in the individuals who utilize the circle or beverage water treated with it.

The Bioexcel Bio Disk is made of actually built characteristic minerals, structurally reinforced in glass at an atomic level utilizing high-warm combination strategies. Through this blend of minerals and combination strategies, a positive vitality field is made.


Key Benefits of Water Ionizer:


  • Feel revived and restored.
  • Beverage water treated with our Bio Disk to build your agreement and vitality levels.
  • Apart from the above HCGoods also offer Portable UV scanners as well germanium shower heads which contain up 13 minerals.
  • Encourage exchange of supplements and improve the bio-similarity of water to get all the more out of your refreshments.

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