Quantum Shield & Anti Radiation

Quantum Radiation Shielding

HCGoods, the mega online health and energy related store brings about another benchmark product for its customers. Here at our store you will find bioexcel quantum anti-radiation shields and quantum bioexcel energy card which will protect you from harm EMF RAYS while you go about doing your daily chores.

The radiation shielding products from bioexcel namely anti-radiation stickers Protector Strips ensure your cerebrum and body against the unsafe impacts of portable radiation and electro brown haze. The opposition to radiation cellular telephone sticker might viably evacuate or square up to 96.43% of the electromagnetic radiation a cellphone is presented to! They're likewise incredible for little apparatuses or can include more strips for bigger machines.

Bioexcel EMR Shield - Anti Radiation Sticker can lessen the unsafe impacts of EMF Radiation up to 99%.

Benefits of EMR Shields

  • Dispenses with the Negative Effects of man-made frequencies and Electro-attractive fields from Computers, Notebooks, TVs, Mobile telephones or electronic links around us.
  • Scalar energy frequencies kill man-made frequencies into safe frequencies so it doesn't influence your wellbeing.
  • It charges the cell vitality level in our body to 70-90 smaller than expected volts. These are healthy cells in our bodies.
  • It lessens the high temperature made by radiation of our telephone or note pad.
  • It relieves weakness, tiredness and cerebral pains created by more telephonic discussion.

How to Use Radiation Shield

Radiation protection products are not difficult to utilize. You simply peel off the sticker and apply it on the electronic gadget. For example; your cell phone, notebook, television or other family unit hardware to decrease the impacts of EMF Radiations.

Another revolutionary quantum shield product from HCGoods is quantum energy card. Why purchase an extravagant Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant when it is so much simpler and helpful to have a Scalar Energy Ions Charge card in your pocket. We offer 100% genuine and original quantum energy cards with 2000+ negative ions.

There are several benefits of using quantum scalar energy charge card or other scalar energy related health products such as:

  • Decrease of irritation in your body.
  • Improvement of blood course.
  • Annihilation of infections and microbes in the body.
  • It improves resistant and endocrine frameworks in your body.
  • Expands your center and focus.
  • Expands vitality in your body.
  • Helps in securing DNA from any damage strengthens the body's bio field avoiding electro-attractive waves from influencing your wellbeing.
  • Serves to battle malignancy cells in body.
  • Helps bringing down the maturing methodology.

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