Quantum & Tungsten Bracelets

Quantum & Tungsten Magnetic Energy Bracelet:

Bioexcel Tungsten bracelet is your way to wearing durable fine jewelry along with the energy of negative ions as well as energized stones. Tungsten bracelets are available for both men and women and come with FIR, Germanium & Negative Ions Stone. You also do not need to worry about they being fake and not real as all our bracelets  comes with Bioexcel Authentication card with online registration to prove authenticity of genuine product Worth.

Our quantum bracelet helps with the blood circulation of our body and enhances our immune system, thus keeping us healthy. It is non-abrasive and convenient to wear. It does not affect the skin and is free from any defects.

These days, we come across a life style which is quite hectic, intense and laborious so these tungsten magnetic bracelets give you extra energy that you need to move at ease while you are out there doing your chores.

We offer variety of designs to choose from namely Tungsten Bracelet with CZ Diamond - Silver Belt Design which is for Women to Tungsten Quantum Bracelet - Magnetic Bracelet Black with Gold Plates which is available in Men and Women.

Tungsten as a Metal: It is a known fact that Tungsten as a metal is considered to be the hardest and strongest in its form compared to Diamond, Iron, and other known metals. So the durability and its ability to last for years and years cannot be doubted.

We offer bracelet in number of packs so you can always decide if you want to go for bigger packs or just a single. The bigger the pack you buy the less you pay and with bigger packs you are also entitles to FREE GIFTS.

Bioexcel quantum vitality tungsten arm ornaments can undoubtedly be acclimated to your wrist, you can basically take it to any watch repair shop or gem specialist and they would discharge the connection to fit your wrist.

Our arm ornaments are a regular solution for a significant number of the known ailment that a body conveys. These wrist trinkets accompanies mixed bag of stones, which are:

• Germanium, which is useful for your skin

• FIR FAR INFRA RED STONE, which helps in blood dissemination

• Magnetic stones, which provides for you steadiness and stamina

• Negative Ion stones, which blend your body.

Some on the known profits of wearing Bioexcel Tungsten armlet are:

- Help in body and brain unwinding.

- Advance a feeling of prosperity.

- Expand readiness.

- Empowers an individual.

- Neutralization of free radical.

- Uprooting poisons and different squanders in body.

- Improve blood course.

- Increase sports execution and stamina.

- Discharge of Toxics and different squanders in body.

- Increase Alertness