Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic Bracelets:

Bioexcel Magnetic bracelets have been in demand not only for their design and shape but more importantly for energy it raises when worn by a person. Bioexcel knowledge of magnet technology and bio medicine has enabled to bring about a product that has revolutionized the concept of wearing magnet as jewelry.

Bio magnetic bracelets are available in large selection of metal from copper magnetic bangles to Titanium, Silver and Stainless Steel bangles.

Likewise called sleeve arm ornaments, there are additionally some exceptional ranges that will be suitable for unique needs, as the Supreme Bangles Range with super quality magnets, and the Easy Fit Range, which can be fit on your wrist without losing its shape.

We offer excellent piece of Fine Jewelry which is durable, non-allergenic and waterproof. Each health bracelet that we offer for sale is embedded with 2 x Neo Dymium Magnets and each Magnet is approximately 2000-3000 Gauss. These bangles are of highly smooth finishing and polish.

We offer bundle packs so you can enjoy the saving and FREE GIFTS along with it.

The magnetic wristbands we have to offer are:

1.Copper Attractive Bangle - Red Copper Plating. It has a profoundly smooth completing and cleaning.

Copper Bracelets (Bangles) have been intended to furnish you with profits of attractive help recuperating and the profits of wearing copper. The copper based Bio Magnetic Bracelets for men offer numerous plans and plating (gold, silver and chrome), which upgrade their appearance.

2.Bioexcel Copper Magnetic Bangle - With IPS Plating. It contains 6 Magnets - Excellent Finish and Quality (Cuff wrist trinket) - Suitable for Small and Medium size – Most Demanded Men’s Bangles.

Created particularly to answer the interest for super quality attractive help bio bangles, our Supreme Range configuration is extraordinary and has preferences over brand name attractive magnetic bracelets while Ecoflow have just two magnets, every Supreme Bangle have 6 magnets!

3.Bioexcel Copper Magnetic Bangle - With Silver Plating.

This superb bit of Fine Jewelry is sturdy, non-allergic and waterproof - 2 x Neo Dymium Magnets are inserted at the 2 finishes of this Bangle. Every Magnet is pretty nearly 2000-3000 Gauss. Highly smooth completing and shine. This is a Solid Copper wrist trinket with Silver plating.

4. Bioexcel Copper Magnetic Bangle Plain Gold Design with magnets inserted at 2 finishes.

5. Bioexcel Magnetic Bracelet Ion Bracelet - Energy Magnetic Necklace. Snappy and simple to wear.

Attractive Field Therapy

Attractive or Magnet Therapy (via magnetic therapy bracelet) is an economical, non-nosy and nontoxic method for medicinal treatment utilized overall and the most paramount thought process in the utilization of attractive help is the ache easing. As of late the ache soothing advantages of magnets re-rose up out of 4000 years of history. The effect of clinical studies alongside episodic proof has brought about the acknowledgement of attractive treatment as an issue torment easing option to allopathic medication medicines.

Blood Circulation Improvement

Utilizing Plethysmography, a system for measuring blood stream in the fingers, masters have demonstrated expanded blood stream by as much as 300% when the finger is subjected to an attractive field for five minutes or more. This expanded fine course accelerates the liquid trade: bringing fresher, oxygenated blood to the territory, flushing ceaselessly lactic corrosive and other ache creating science at a speedier rate.

Ideal Energy & Stamina

Dr. Kioichi Nakagawa, in his popular paper "Attractive Deficiency Syndrome" diagrams the relationship between attractive insufficiency and a lot of people purported advanced illnesses, for example, exhaustion and general dormancy. In human body as our cells perform their normal capacity, they get to be de-spellbound. On the off chance that sufficient attractive vitality is inaccessible to re-stimulate the cells; the body gets to be tired and summary. The application of a supplementary attractive field guarantees that imperative attractive vitality is accessible to enrapture the cells - bringing about expanded vitality and a feeling of prosperity. For quite a long time magnets have been utilized on racehorses to enhance execution and quicken recuperation from harm. Numerous Athletes everywhere throughout the world use magnets to build body quality and enhance execution