Quantum Bracelets

Quantum Bracelets:

Quantum Bracelets  come with different designs and features like magnetic, energy and tungsten. Quantum Bracelets promote positive flow of energy and help to maintain energy balance.  These bracelets produce scalar energy that helps to enhance the body’s biofield and restores energy in the body. Wear it on your wrist and the scalar energy from the bracelet works outwardly and within the body.

Quantum Bracelets are not only energy fashion accessory but they also play a vital role in one's well-being. Very accessible to wear or carry in your pcoket, keep it near your water glass to energize it or place it under your pillow while sleeping.

HCGoods offers quantum bracelets in a wide range of shapes & designs, thus makes it easier to you to choose your preferred one. 

Each bracelet comes with Bioexcel authenication card, which contains a USER ID and PW. You can register the bracelet at bioexcel intl website, and once it is registered, it will validate that the product is original and authentic.

Please note: We offer bundle packs as well. This bigger pack you buy, the more you save.