Performance Wristbands

Performance Wristband:

Bioexcel Performance Bands are made to rouse your life. They are made for competitors; they are the favored decision among contenders, people, and regular wellness aficionados. The multi-dimensional image is imagined on Eastern logic and as we are all mindful numerous eastern school of musings contain insights and thoughts identified with vitality.

Our performance bracelets are made to discharge Negative Ions, Far Infra-red Rays and Alpha Waves. They ingest electricity produced via friction in the body and restore the offset. Our performance wristbands accompany a Polarity Orientation framework. We likewise utilize holographic engineering that contains frequencies that associate absolutely with your vitality field.

Performance bracelets are one of our best-selling products and can be seen on athletes in many sporting events. Performance wristbands come in variety of colors and sizes and you can choose from many designs that are available on our website. We also offer Ion silicon wristband watch which comes in many colors to choose from. These watches are Ultra-lightweight at only 10 grams and made of medical grade silicone. They are water resistant and shock proof.

What we offer is a working and execution based science that uses visualizations installed with frequencies that respond emphatically with your body's common vitality field to enhance equalization, quality and adaptability.

Some people experience the effect by holding or drinking a product engrafted with holographic technology. Simple muscle testing may be used to determine the effects on balance, strength, flexibility and range of gesture or movement.

Our performance bands accompany following properties:

  • 100% surgical evaluation Silicone wristband.
  • Made with a stretch peculiarity that amplifies effortlessly over your hand.
  • It is a decent quality item and can be utilized for quite a while.
  • Smooth and Stylish plans accessible in different shades.
  • Permits your body to connect with characteristic, gainful recurrence put away inside the visualization.

Our performance bracelets come in single as well as Pack of 2, 5, 10 and 20. They are Authentic Bioexcel Wristband/Bracelet and some of them comes with Anion, Germanium, Magnet and FIR stone - One bracelet size can fits all in various colors - Every wristband comes in its own individual packaging

You can choose your own desired colors during purchase/checkout.

We offer 3-4 days free express delivery worldwide with money back guarantee!!