Why Do Men Wear Earrings?

It is believed that only ladies need to wear jewelries, which best fit their costumes giving them satisfaction of what they are wearing during different occasions and men only wear watches. Now-a-days men call themselves metrosexual, who are highly sensitive to the way they look or present themselves. We all believe that whatever we wear, our clothes reflect our character, personality and style. By wearing jewelry especially earrings it shows that someone is meticulous and has plenty of respect for himself and others. Most of the men wear earrings because of trend and tradition. Apart from work situation and society, men have been struggling in several situations to carry up this fashion.

why do men wear earrings

One of the major reasons that why men wear earrings is that most of the celebrities wear earrings, and their fans try to copy them and follow their fads. Asian men specifically Indian have been wearing earrings since ages. It’s one of the essential parts of Indian culture. There are several quotations in Bible regarding earrings. Many kings in India are known to wear them. It is also believed that even slaves have worn earrings or bracelet as a symbol of slavery.

Many young men wear ear studs or hoops as a style statement because they find it attractive and stylish. Moreover, others wear it to follow traditions in their religion. Men also wear earrings to show their status symbol. Some wear diamond studs or golden earrings to keep them as a safe investment they can bank on during hard times. Several male actors pierce their ears so that they can fit into the character they are playing. Many times, the man may have gotten his ear stud as a gift from a girlfriend, wife, or a friend. So he may have pierced his ear or ears so that he could wear it. Therefore every individual has the right to choose what he/she should wear or not wear.

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