What is the difference between Bioexcel Biodisc and Amezcua Bio disc?

Many customers ask this common question and we will like to clarify that Bioexcel biodisc has got nothing to do with Amezcua which comes in versions like Biodisc 1 and 2 but Bioexcel only have one single version and Bioexcel does not sell them through any Multi Level marketing scheme like other vendors. That’s the major difference between Qnet or Amezcua or Bioexcel products. So please do not get confused here and do not assume that we sell other brands as we do not. We only sell Bioexcel. Many customers also ask about the price difference among Bioexcel and other brands and the answer is simple that Bioexcel Disc is sold direct without any MLM structure or commission levels and that is the reason you would notice difference of price.

In terms of functions, of course others will dispute but we have a simple way of testing them through Ion meter and Bioexcel Biodisc is of supreme quality and comes with all the expected features and if you want to test them, you can check how it ionizes the water and any other liquid and we have fantastic feedback from all our customers in past who have been buying this over and over again for their relatives and friends. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

2 Responses to What is the difference between Bioexcel Biodisc and Amezcua Bio disc?

  1. Buddy Abadilla says:

    Where is bioexcel biodisc made or manufactured? Amezcua biodisc I think is made in Germany.

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