Savoring the Goodness of Alkaline Water with Alkaline Energy Water Flask

Regular tap water may be good for us but it is nothing compared to the alkaline water. Increasing the pH value of water gives it a boost that ultimately affects our bodies in all the positive ways. Due to the recent awareness about the benefits of alkaline water, a lot of people are shifting towards ways that would enable them to raise the pH of the water they drink.

Benefits of alkaline water

It is believed that the alkaline water is more energizing than the normal water we drink. Some of the most common benefits of alkaline water are that:

  • It increases the metabolic rate of our bodies
  • Allows our system to get rid of the toxins in a more efficient way. The high dissolving water molecules bind to the harmful molecules in our bodies and help us get rid of them in much faster ways.
  • Gives us a boost of energy that is not possible with the normal water with lower pH value
  • It strengthens our immune systems to fight bacteria and viruses
  • It reduces the number of free radicals in the body

How does an alkaline energy water flask work?

alkaline energy water flask

These are the flasks that are designed to purify and treat the water so that its pH value is raised and it is safe from all sorts of contaminants. It comes with two filters that allow it to filter and treat the water. The filter usually comes filled with multiple stones that are known for their benefits. As soon as the water is poured in the bottle and comes in contact with these minerals, they start acting on it giving it the properties that we desire.

The most common types of minerals that are found in these filters are:

  • Negative potential silver: It lowers the potential of water which accounts for a lower number of free radicals in the body.
  • Muyu stone: It is known for possessing high amounts of beneficial elements such as potassium, iron, sodium etc.
  • Calcium Ion Balls: Increases the calcium content in the water which allows its easy absorption and activates the alkaline ions in water.

How to use the alkaline energy water flask?

Let the water sit in the flask for around 10 to 15 minutes so that it can absorb all the benefits of the two filters installed in the flask. If in a hurry, simply shake it for a minute or two and you are good to go.

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