Quantum Shields Protecting You from Harmful Radiations

The environment around us affects us in more ways than we can even begin to imagine. Everything around us, all the developments we have made, are somehow coming together to create unfavorable conditions for us. First, it was the effects of electrical wires, televisions, and other electrical devices and now, in the recent times, the age of wireless devices, science is creating awareness about how they impact our health adversely. There has been a widespread increase in the number of reported cases that have been affected by the EMF radiations emitting from these wireless devices.

What are Quantum shields?

These are the shields that are designed to protect the human body from the health hazards these quantum radiations expose to them to. They can come in the form of stickers or cards that you can use on the devices that you use most frequently e.g. your cell phones. Putting up these stickers on the devices eliminates the cluttering of harmful quantum radiations to a large extent. For bigger machines, you can get strips of these quantum shields for yourself.

Benefits of using Quantum shields

The EM waves around us are divided into two types: ionizing and non-ionizing radiations with their thermal and non-thermal effects. Quantum shields protect you against most of them.

  • They help you dispense off the man-made frequencies that come off from the devices like laptops, cell phones, telephones etc.
  • To make sure that you are always surrounded by safe frequencies, these shields scale the harmful frequencies to a safe range.
  • Frequent use of telephone conversations can affect your brain activity and expose you to neurological and DNA damage. The quantum shield saves you from 96.4% of these electromagnetic waves that are a constant threat to your health.
  • The high temperature our notepads and mobile phones give off are hazardous to our health. These stickers mellow out some of the heat to the surroundings so that we are not exposed to their intensity for long enough to let them affect our brain activity.
  • Frequent telephone conversations can cause cerebral pains, tiredness, and fatigue. With these shields, you can get protected from that as well.

These are just some of the many benefits these scalar energy cards bring with them. They are designed to protect your body from all the harmful effects of the quantum rays around you.

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