How to Make Magnetic Earrings Stick Better

Magnetic earrings stick to earlobes just because of their magnetism. If the magnetic force is strong then magnetic earrings will stay put otherwise they will fall off. Here are few tips to make your magnetic earrings stick better:

1: Your earlobes should be clean. It must be free of dirt from front and back side. Because these things distort the magnetism of magnet earrings.

2: After wearing magnetic earring you should stay away from hair gels that drip or run. Because these products can run down to earlobes. Like dust these products can also distort the magnetism of magnetic earrings.

3: You should keep in mind the quality of magnetic earrings because few magnetic earrings don’t stick well just because of their poor quality or they made poorly. Always try to do little research before buying such type of magnetic earrings.

4: Choose the thinnest part of your ear for wearing magnetic earrings. If you have thick earlobes then you should wear magnetic earrings on the cartilage area of ears.

5: It is usually hard to repair the broken magnetic earrings so it will be the best way to toss them away. Because they may not stick better to your earlobes after repairing them.

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