Does a Vibrating Belt Really Reduce Belly Fat?

Is this a fad of fallacies, or a serious game-changer in the world of health and fitness? A vibrating belt that promises to reduce belly fat sounds almost fictional – but it is not.

Tummy fat is notorious for being difficult to shed and slim. People struggle with extreme diets, stomach-crunches, sweat chambers, and more. When they reach for the dreaded measuring tape and snake it around their waists, they may be disappointed to barely see results. However, vibrating belts promise to change that reality, and build slimmer bodies with toned stomachs and flatter tummies.

Perhaps tread mills and stationary cycles, HIIT and power yoga might not be the future of tomorrow’s fitness. Perhaps these dynamics will dramatically change in the face of these vibrating belts that can be easily bought and used.

How do they work?

Vibrating belts do not work in miraculous and vague ways; they target the very basic science behind weight loss. Weight loss is a combination of calorie-intake and calorie-burning – in order for the body to reach optimal weight and size, it must burn more calories than it takes in. And how does one burn calories? Through intense movement and activity.

A vibrating belt shakes and jiggles the tummy continuously for 10-15 minutes. This intense movement stimulates the muscles of the stomach, resulting in them working faster and more effectively.

The heat produced during the vibration causes the body to sweat and burn fat even faster. The blood flows faster, the metabolic system hikes up; the result is an actual decrease in weight loss due to increased muscular and cellular activity.

Some belts offer to reduce the actual volume of the stomach, so that users may begin to consume fewer calories with gradual use of the belt. A decreased appetite means that the vibrating belt can successfully contract and shape the muscles around the stomach so that they appear more flat and toned.

Can they be used elsewhere?

Quite simply – yes. A vibrating belt is not restricted to the belly alone, but can be strapped around other problem areas. Thighs, hips, arms – the belt can be used anywhere. The principles applied are the same: increase muscular movement, and burn more fat as a result.

The belt can also be used to promote blood circulation, and not necessarily weight loss. This is particularly helpful for those people that work office jobs and spend a good chunk of the day dormant.

How to use the belt?

The belt is fairly simple to use. Strap the belt directly around the stomach, and secure tightly using the Velcro straps. Plug in the belt and set the desired time and rotations. It is recommended to carry on with your usual workout routine while the belt continues to do its work. Remove the belt after 15-20 minutes.

Pair the usage of the vibrating belt with proper diet and exercise for optimal results. Watch in wonder as a simple belt manages to shed those problematic kilos and lead to a healthier, leaner, fitter you.

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