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Tips on Choosing Tungsten Bracelets for Women

Tungsten Bracelet

Tungsten was previously known as an industrial metal which was primarily used for the production of military equipment and aerospace applications etc. In recent years it has been introduced as metal which can be used for the creation of jewelry

Quantum Bracelet Benefits – For Those Who Prefer Complete Wellness

Quantum Bracelet

A quantum bracelet is not an ordinary bracelet made up of ornamental elements like gold, silver or copper etc. It is made up of bio-elements like germanium, negative ions and no-geranium magnets etc. it is available in different colors so

Can I Shower with My Bracelet?

shower with bracelet

Most of the time people do not wear any sort of bracelet while having a shower or swimming in pools with chlorine. This is because chemicals and certain harmful products, which we use during shower, may react with the bracelet.

Ion Bracelets: Free Shipping Services Worldwide

ion bracelet

Here in HC Goods, we try to provide our customers with new information and products that will benefit them. As of yet, we at HC Goods are providing free shipping services of Ion Bracelets all around the world. Ion Bracelets

We’ve Reduced Tungsten Bracelets Prices by 17%


Fashion has become part of our lives and bracelets make your fashion complete. That’s why HCGoods has reduced Tungsten Bracelets price by up to 17%. BioExcel Tungsten bracelet is your way to wearing durable fine jewelry. These come along with

How to Get a Bracelet Off that is Stuck on your Wrist

bracelet stuck to wrist

Jewelry is a great way to add flair to any outfit but sometimes it can create an injury. It makes it impossible to get certain jewelry items like a bracelet off. This can cause pain or you can be very

How to Wear Magnetic Bracelet Correctly


Magnetic bracelets are said to work best when worn near the key acupuncture points on the body. Keeping a massage chart which includes wrist acupressure points will help you find the most effective pressure points for your illnesses. If you

Why to Choose Tungsten Bracelet?

ion bracelet

You cannot consider yourself a ‘modern man’ if you are not attracted to one of the latest fashion trends – Tungsten Bracelets. Urban look, being extremely dense & scratch-resistant make tungsten bracelet virtually indestructible. Tungsten bracelet is most popular bio