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Quantum Pendant’s Healing Power – A Hoax or a Reality?

quantum pendants

You will find a number of benefits of the quantum pendant on the internet. Some people tend to take the magnificent benefits offered by quantum pendant as a hoax and on the other hand, you will see a number of

Customer Queries: Does Scalar Energy Pendant need Recharging?


No, scalar energy pendant doesn’t need recharging. By the time, the energy level gradually lows down and after that pendant or other scalar energy product need to be replaced.

Customer Queries: Do Scalar Pendants Help with EMF?


Yes, scalar energy pendants help with emf. The scalar pendants have been created from nano fusion technology which assists the body in combating harmful radiation and acts as a protection against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) by up to 99%. The negative ions

Benefits of Quantum Pendants


Scalar Energy Pendants or Quantum Pendants are created via fusion of natural mineral materials to give rise to an energy field. This energy field then works by affecting the body both internally or externally. So we can say that Quantum