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Customer Queries: Does Scalar Energy Pendant need Recharging?


No, scalar energy pendant doesn’t need recharging. By the time, the energy level gradually lows down and after that pendant or other scalar energy product need to be replaced.

Customer Queries: Do Scalar Pendants Help with EMF?


Yes, scalar energy pendants help with emf. The scalar pendants have been created from nano fusion technology which assists the body in combating harmful radiation and acts as a protection against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) by up to 99%. The negative ions

Answers of the Most Common Questions Asked About Quantum Scalar Negative Ions Bio Energy Cards


Lately, we have received a lot of queries about quantum scalar negative ions bio energy cards. In this post, we have answered most commonly asked questions:- Question: How long is the lifespan of quantum scalar negative ions bio energy cards?

What is the difference between Bioexcel Biodisc and Amezcua Bio disc?


Many customers ask this common question and we will like to clarify that Bioexcel biodisc has got nothing to do with Amezcua which comes in versions like Biodisc 1 and 2 but Bioexcel only have one single version and Bioexcel does not sell them

Why UV Light Scanner Lights Do Not Turn on When Facing Upwards?

UV Light Scanner

This is a common question asked by many customers. All UV light scanners come with ultra violet light rays which are dangerous for the eyes and that is the reason you will hear a little ball moving inside the device.

Customer Query: How Anti Radiation Stickers Protect from Mobile Radiation?

anti radiation sticker

Lately, we have been getting a lot of emails, all asking the similar questions: “How anti radiation stickers protect form mobile radiation?”, “How anti radiation stickers work?”, “Can anti radiation stickers be used for wireless devices such as media players,