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Quantum Shields Protecting You from Harmful Radiations

quantum shield

The environment around us affects us in more ways than we can even begin to imagine. Everything around us, all the developments we have made, are somehow coming together to create unfavorable conditions for us. First, it was the effects

Customer Queries: Do Scalar Pendants Help with EMF?


Yes, scalar energy pendants help with emf. The scalar pendants have been created from nano fusion technology which assists the body in combating harmful radiation and acts as a protection against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) by up to 99%. The negative ions

How Bio Energy Card Keeps You Safe from Cell Tower and Wi-Fi Radiation?

bio energy card save you from cell tower and wifi radiation

Welcome to the modern world where we are exposed to electromagnetic radio frequencies 24 hours a day. Whether you are at home, office, playground, gym, restaurant or walking in the street, there is no escape from radiation. These harmful radiation

Answers of the Most Common Questions Asked About Quantum Scalar Negative Ions Bio Energy Cards


Lately, we have received a lot of queries about quantum scalar negative ions bio energy cards. In this post, we have answered most commonly asked questions:- Question: How long is the lifespan of quantum scalar negative ions bio energy cards?