Bioexcel Performance Wristband Bracelet

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Bioexcel Performance Wristband Bracelet

  • Pack of 4
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    Sale Price:$34.88   
  • Pack of 10
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  • Pack of 20
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    Sale Price:$89.8   
  • Pack of 50
    Regular Price:$2326.5
    Sale Price:$179.5   
  • Pack of 100
    Regular Price:$4653
    Sale Price:$299   

Bioexcel Performance Wristbands are embedded with frequencies which react positively with your body's natural energy field and helps in improving balance, strength and flexibility. Allows your body to interact with natural and beneficial frequency within the hologram. It enhances blood circulation and the detoxification and promotes unclamping of cells. Restores and increased energy in the body and boosts the immune and endocrine system.

After placing order, you can inform us about your favorite colors and sizes.

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