Bioexcel EMR Shield Box - Anti Radiation Stickers

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Bioexcel EMR Shield Box - Anti Radiation Stickers

  • Pack of 10
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  • Pack of 20
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  • Pack of 50
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  • Pack of 200
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  • Pack of 500
    Regular Price:$40000
    Sale Price:$500   
  • Pack of 1000
    Regular Price:$80000
    Sale Price:$800   

These Anti Radiation Sticker – EMR / EMF Shield by Bioexcel is highly advance breakthrough in technology which can successfully reduce the harmful effects of EMF Radiation by up to 99%. It is a thin patch of sticker which have the key ingredients used in Bio Ceramics from Japan to emit Negative Ions, FIR and Scalar Energy.

We use our laptop/computers and talk on our mobile phone almost every time of everyday in our life, but do we realize that when we use them, how much EMF radiation we are exposed to? Radiation of mobile phone is mainly more harmful on the head and can cause us headaches, dizziness, Insomnia and hair loss.

By simply sticking the Anti Radiation sticker to your mobile phone or laptop, it can absorb most of the harmful radiations produced while sending/receiving signals on your mobile phone therefore can help to reduce the EMF Radiation that surrounds us.

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