Bioexcel Anti Radiation Stickers - Wholesale Pack

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Bioexcel Anti Radiation Stickers - Wholesale Pack

  • Pack of 100
    Regular Price:$17500
    Sale Price:$85   
  • Pack of 200
    Regular Price:$35000
    Sale Price:$130   
  • Pack of 1000
    Regular Price:$175000
    Sale Price:$450   
  • Pack of 2000
    Regular Price:$350000
    Sale Price:$680   
  • Pack of 5000
    Regular Price:$875000
    Sale Price:$1000   
  • Pack of 10000
    Regular Price:$1750000
    Sale Price:$1600   

Bioexcel Anti Radiation Stickers are a breakthrough in the field of technology as they reduce the dangerous effects of radiations by 99%. These anti radiation stickers contain roughly between 1500 to 2000 ions. Eliminates negative effective of man-made electromagnetic fields, absorbs harmful radiations from your mobiles while sending and receiving signals. 

Placing these behind a TV, Microwave or a mobile phone would help. You can also place it close to the power outlet of LED, LCED, Monitor etc.

We sell anti radiation stickers in wholesale price. No one can beat us in pricing.


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